Tuesday, November 25, 2014

City Green wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Winter is progressively longer. Cooler days allow us to shift our focus from outdoor gardening and agricultural activities to further developing our programs, appreciating what we have collectively accomplished and preparing for spring. 

Looking back, we have had a dizzying series of successes and fond memories to talk about in upcoming posts. Most importantly, our accomplishments also belong to you because we could not have realized our goals without our community’s immense and consistent support.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and our deep appreciation, City Green wishes to extend our warmest gratitude to ---

The community members and local organizations:

What would City Green be without the communities we live and work in? Our work would have no meaning without the children that learn and grow from our gardens, or the families that come to our kitchen to cook healthy recipes, or the community members that visit our markets to purchase delicious, locally grown food. We are proud to partner with the many organizations and citizens that strive to improve the quality of life in our cities and neighborhoods and through our collective action we undeniably make a difference.

Our sponsors, donors, and funders:

An integral part of City Green’s success is the network of financial support that gives us the fuel to actualize our mission to create happier, healthier and sustainable cities. It cannot be overstated how critically important your donations are to the continual efforts of our staff, programs and partners. Thank you for what you have given City Green that has allowed us to serve local communities for 10 fruitful years (Pun intended)!

All the local municipalities and government officials:

We would like to thank the local municipalities and cities we work with that strive to foster a better, more just future. Not all cities so magnanimously offer their space, resources and support in the ways that they do. Their backing and partnerships help bring a variety of direct action and essential programs to our communities that provide innumerable benefits and instill a true sense of pride.

Our staff, interns, volunteers, friends and families:

And last but certainly not least, City Green would like to thank our staff, interns, volunteers, friends and families, and all those that offer support to our organization and community efforts by consistently giving your time, energy and compassion.

The work is not always easy, but with our collection of talent, commitment, and community support, our mission to create sustainable cities is realized every day. Thank you all and have a wonderful holiday!

From all of us at City Green. Prepared by Colin English.
Colin is a recent graduate of Ramapo College who is now serving with AmeriCorps as a Youth Programming Assistant for City Green.

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  1. I'm thankful for City Green and for the opportunity to learn much from the staff and from other volunteers about gardening, urban farming, and community engagement. I'm thankful for the volunteer opportunities, and for some of the best strawberries I've ever eaten!